Persons facing a difficulty or conflict in life may wish to collaborate with a professional counselor in order to gain perspective on the situation and explore options for change. Typical problems include depression, anxiety, bereavement, transitions, relationship difficulties, trauma or abuse, addictions, and questions about personal meaning in life.


Married or dating couples may wish to identify certain areas of their relationships that cause stress and inhibit desired growth and development.

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Daybreak uses the PREPARE/ENRICH Program to provide pre-marriage seminars to couples who are referred by their marrying pastor.

The process begins with the couple completing a standardized questionaire focusing on issues that are highly significant for successful relationships (for example, communication, conflict resolution, sexual expectations, role relationships, financial management, etc.), as well as assessing personality types and family backgrounds and expectations. PREPARE is statistically very successful at discriminating between couples that are more likely to get divorced from those that are more likely to be happily married (80 - 85% accuracy).  Taking the assessment and reviewing the results can provide couples with a very realistic picture of what areas of their relationships are strong points and which areas require extra care and attention. 


Prepare Seminar Groups

After Completing the questionnaire, each couple schedules an individual session with the seminar leader to review the results. Participating couples then attend a group couples seminar, typically held over two sessions, one week night and one weekend half-day.  A second individual session is also generally suggested. The total counseling time is about 7 hours.  The cost of the questionnaire, individual couple sessions, and group seminar per couple is $245.  A certificate of completion will be provided. 


Prepare Services for Individual Couples

 Couples who are participating with the PREPARE program as individual couples receive individualized feedback tailored to their unique relationship.  Following completion of the questionnaire, the couple schedules six counseling "hours" (45-50 minutes) with the counselor to complete the PREPARE program.  These sessions may be scheduled as six separate meetings, as double sessions (three 90 -100 minute sessions), or some combination of single and double sessions, according to the needs and availability of the couple and the counselor.  The total cost of the program, including the questionnaire (which can be completed online by those with computer access), is $245.  A certificate of completion will be provided.  

Specialty Groups on Request

Daybreak facilitates groups seeking a special focus, such as women's issues, relationship issues, parenting, grief, communication skills, or understanding depression/anxiety.

Marriage Enrichment

Daybreak offers a one-day marriage enrichment workshop for individual churches. The interactive workshop highlights couples' relationship strengths and areas of growth. It also focuses on vulnerabilities that prey on the health of marriage, in particular, emotional dangers potentially leading to infidelity. Discussion includes the connection between church health and the health of marriages within the congregation.


Sliding Scale Fees

Daybreak uses a sliding scale system to determine fees, based on income level and family size. The fee generally ranges from $55 to $90 per session. Scholarships may be available in some instances.