Welcome to Daybreak, a Pastoral Counseling Agency

There are times in a person's life when he might need a little guidance or direction.

Counseling can be a great tool for that.

Daybreak Counseling Agency can be a tool to help you find your way when you're experiencing pain from trials that life may bring.




Making appointments with Daybreak Counseling

To make an appointment, call a counselor directly.  Counselors' contact and location information can be found under the 'Our Counselors' tab.

Forms can be printed and filled out prior to your appointment.  Your counselor can also have them available for you at your first session.  

Click here to download and print the forms.




What is Pastoral Counseling?

Pastoral counseling is a discipline that seeks to integrate psychotherapy and spirituality. We are living in an era of renewed understanding of the importance of positive spiritual practices to one's overall well-being. Our clinicians have been trained to address mental health issues while at the same time inviting clients to explore how their spiritual beliefs might impact their current situation. We help clients explore how the resources of their tradition may be called upon to promote healing of mind/body/spirit. At Daybreak we seek to honor the religious beliefs and values that our clients bring with them, with the goal of being a companion on a journey of discovery.  Becoming aware of one's core values and beliefs can be very empowering, regardless of whether those beliefs are formally or informally practiced, or whether one is Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Eastern-oriented or uncertain about spiritual beliefs. The pastoral counselor's goal is to provide the context in which one can examine one's connection to a reality greater than self and renew meaning, hope and wholeness in one's life.

Facing a traumatic loss, a life-threatening event, or a perceived failure can create a spiritual crisis, one in which one's most fundamental beliefs about life may be called into question. Pastoral counseling provides the opportunity to explore losses, doubts and questions in a caring, non-judgmental setting that honors the individual's faith experience. It is an invitation to sort out, clarify, and affirm one's beliefs and values while at the same time benefitting from the pastoral counselor's clinical training in mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, relationships, addictions, anger, grief, etc.